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UAVAir is Australia's leading Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Training Provider. UAVAir combines extensive in field experience with best practice training. Visit uavair.com.au today  

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Introduction to Drones Flight Training
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DRONE INTRO FLIGHT TRAINING CLASS  $299 For the Beginner to Start Off Safely and Legal     3 Hour Introduction to Drones, Flight Training and Current Regulations Setup and Programming and Safety Assembly, setup and programming Fine tuning the flight characteristics (factory settings are rarely satisfactory) Battery charging and safe handling Learn the current FAA regulations We will show you how to register with the FAA for your own ID number Simulator and Basic Flight Skills Take your first flights with in the safety of the digital world Learn basic controls, inputs and flight techniques to build your skills on Run through some training challenges to test your skills and prepare you for flight RealFlight simulator on 60” screen Flight Training Take to the air for some real flight time Practice all the techniques learned in the the sim with the guidance of your instructor Open enrollment, start anytime on your availability and schedule Senior instructors with extensive real world experience Drone Equipment All aircraft, radios and equipment are provided for the training but we encourage you to bring  your  own system for make/model specific training Accessibility / Environment Training appointments available from 10am to 11pm every day, seven days a week indoors Experienced and friendly staff to assist in your training efforts Water, coffee, beverages and snacks on site Call and Begin the Fun Today!  

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UAV/Drone Development and Consulting
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UAV Systems Integration, Development and Testing – The ROTOR F/X Unmanned Systems team can get your UAV project up an running quickly and efficiently and offers consulting and training for pre-purchase selection, airframe integration, systems and flight testing, telemetry, sensors, imagery, ground stations and all ancillary systems required for unmanned support. Our expert team will take you from concept to certification and train your ground crew and pilots. Aircraft Flight Control Systems Sensor and Health Monitoring Downlinks and Telemetry Payloads and EO/IR Systems Ground Control Systems Flight Training Crew Training Systems Integration and Development – ROTOR F/X integrates and supports equipment and systems from most leading UAV vendors including: Adaptive Flight Athena Systems ArduPilot Chelton Cloud Cap Technology Controp Eagle Tree System Guided Systems Technologies Inmarsat Integrated Dynamics FLIR Systems Iridium L3 Systems MicroBotics MicroHard Systems MicroTek Electronics MicroPilot Pico Pilot Poly-Tech Procerus Technologies RCAT Systems Rotomotion Inmarsat Tadiran Trimble UAV Navigation uBlox WeControl Flight Testing and Crew Training – ROTOR F/X offers a full range of flight test options as well as complete program to train your ground and flight crews to safely operate your unmanned systems and accomplish your mission requirements: UAV systems flight testing Fixed wing and helicopter / VTOL UAV flight training UAV pilot and crew training